Can't send e-mail - 451 Blocked

We have recently upgraded the e-mail server so that it checks a list of "spamming" IP addresses and then does not allow them to connect.

If you are unable to send out e-mail, it is possible that one of the computers on your network is infected, so it is spamming other computers.

For example, you may get an error messsage:
451 Blocked - see

Please try the following in order to send out e-mail:

1) Take a look at the error-message you get from the server when you try to send out.  If you go to the web-link they give you, it will tell you what the problem is (likely an infected computer) and how to fix it.  If it is coming from a "bad network", you may have other problems since there is likely a lot of spammers sending out of your provider (or your ISP). 

It is possible you inherited a bad IP address from another spammer, so you could try to reboot your router to get another IP address.  However, if it's an infected computer on your network, this may only help temporarily.

2) In an emergency, you can always go to  After you login, you can send and receive e-mail using the web-based interface.

3) Once you have cleaned the computer, you will have to de-list your IP address so that it is no longer in the blacklist.  You can follow the instructions on that particular server.  Typically, your IP will be removed after a certain number of hours of non-spam activity.

4) You can also change to your ISP's outgoing mail server.  Whether your provider is Bell, AT&T, Verizon or another company, they typically have instructions on how you can send e-mail from their SMTP mail server.

5) Lastly, you can try to send out of port #2006.  This port will bypass the black-list security.  However, please note that if your computer is still infected and is using our system to send out spam, we will be forced to shut down your account without further notice.

Thank you for your patience in this matter.  As you can understand, spam is a HUGE problem on the Internet and we are trying our best to combat it at the source.

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact us through the contact us form or give us a call.  We will try to get to you as soon as we can.

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