Do you know the trickiest part about your website?

You may think that the hardest part about your website is finding the technical talent to program the custom database in the back-end, but you are wrong.

The problem with your online initiative is that it isn't a sole database programmer who is handling everything. A good project manager is someone that can bring together all the different disciplines to form an effective website.

Because, every person has a job to do – and sometimes, they conflict:

The Graphic Designer "is this pleasing to the eye?"
The Copywriter "do the words flow?"
The Marketer "is this consistent with our brand?"
The Sales-person "will this sell more products?"
The Webmaster "are we using W3C standards?"
The Database Programmer "how well does this scale?"
The System Administrator "is this compatible with our infrastructure?"
The Lawyer "do we conform to privacy laws?"
The Search Engine Optimizer "will Google find us?"

And of course, the Project Manager that is responsible for everything!

It's rare you will find this all in one person, and if you did, he probably wouldn't be very good.

What you need is a web firm that regularly works with all these different departments so that you don't need to worry about mis-communication and mistakes.

We often integrate our databases with other services such as:

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