How to setup e-mail on iPhone

These are instructions on how to setup your e-mail on IMAP using a secure SSL connection.  Note that the menus may differ slightly depending on the version of iPhone you have.

1) Go to your Settings and then Mail


2) Add Account...

3) Other

4) Add Mail Account

5) Add Account Information

Name: Your name (displayed in your e-mails)
Email: Your e-mail address
Password: Your password
Description: A description of this account


6) Incoming / Outgoing Mail Server

IMAP or POP: Select IMAP
Name: Your name
E-mail: Your e-mail
Description: Your description
Host Name: (try this first) or
User Name: Your FULL e-mail address
Password: Your password

Fill in Outgoing Mail Server the same way

7) Example Server Settings

Your settings should look something like this.

8) Other Notes

If sending mail isn't quite working, try port #465 or port #26.


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