Maknet E-mail Server Policies

E-mail Policies

Users on the Maknet e-mail servers share the same resources and IP addresses.  Therefore it is critical that some rules are in place in order to protect the system from crashing or getting black-listed.

Although we will assess the situation on a case-by-case basis, these are the e-mail policies we will follow:

1) Hard Drive Quota of 1 GB
We do not use any “hard" quotas.  If a hard-quota was setup, then once an e-mail box has reached a certain level, no additional e-mail would be allowed in.

Instead, we use "soft" quotas. If the space used surpasses a certain threshold, we will be notified and ask that you reduce the space used.

After a certain point, if more web-space is required, then you will be billed accordingly to increase the soft-quota limit.

2) Maximum 60 day retention for webmail files
It is suggested that all e-mail is downloaded to your computer and removed from the main server.  If you plan on storing e-mail on the main server, then it will be subjected to #1 above.

However, please note that the “Sent Items” or “Deleted Items” folders are set to automatically delete e-mails older than 60 days.  Similarly, anything in the “Spam” folder that is over 30 days will also be deleted.

3) Spam issues from trojan or viruses
Sometimes, a large number of e-mails originate from an account.  Often, this is due to a comprised computer from a trojan or a virus.  We can’t tell what the actual cause is, but if the amount of e-mail traffic coming from your account is suspicious, we will deactivate your e-mail account (by changing the password).

If future compromises occur, our actions will escalate including:
-    Deactivation or deletion of the account in question
-    Deactivation of the domain in question

Special Note:  These 3 policies only apply to our main, shared e-mailing server.  E-mail accounts that are integrated with your WHM control-panel are on a different server and have different policies.

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